Seizure Diary

The three following links provide apps for documenting seizures. Many times this is referred to as a seizure "diary" and the information may be important in assessing your history and the benefit of new therapies. The apps for mobile phones or notebooks also allow documenting medication, seizure symptoms or comments that may be helpful on follow-up clinic visits.

Medication reminders (text or email messages) are also part of these apps. The reminders help to ensure that your medication is taken each day and on-time. It is recommended that you take your medication upon receiving the reminder then delete the notification to demonstrate the medication was taken. A weekly pillbox (a container that allows you to fill 7 days of medication at once) obtained from your pharmacy along with one of these applications can set the stage for never missing medication. You can review each below, then decide the best for yourself.  Using only one consistently will provide information over time that is most beneficial.